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These are basic yet sometimes forgotten areas of copywriting, firstly you should address the reader, secondly quality content is more important than the quantity of views it receives, lastly is a rule that I consistently use which tells the consumer how it will benefit them. Now that the marketing copy is written down, it is important to fine tune to produce the desired results.

Get others to read the copy, then edit accordingly and then proofread Lurie, I have enlisted the help of Grammarly for my writing and it is amazing the immediate improvements that I saw from this change. This is now how you get the reader to stay, some straightforward ways of doing this would be a table of contents summarizing the key points, the second which needs more creativity would be to come up with a summary that is fun and attention-grabbing. Print is anything that will be offline and found on paper, I found that some key points I will utilize for my future copy are keeping text to lines per paragraph, no more than words per line, and using images because that is what sells it Lurie, , I believe in these points because I have read articles that have went over these boundaries and found myself losing interest from a lack of visual stimulation.

I also found it satisfying to know that my I have correctly done my call to action in the past, which should make it easy for readers to find more information and contact you. When structuring online it is important to look at the disadvantages to online copy, it is much easier to have your writing taken out of context, it also is harder to read long copy online so keep this in mind when writing longer more in-depth posts, lastly is form it viewed on Lurie, , this is something I am currently working trying to get my website to work on all of my devices to my desired format.

It is important to create copy that is easily scannable, the audience should be able to scan over the key details of the copy and get the just of it. The golden ratio is a good rule of thumb for basic typography, it is not the easiest to do, which is why Chris Pearson created this golden ratio typography calculator to help. Lurie, I. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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The 12 Principles Of Effective Blog Design

People are confused enough today. What exactly is it that you sell?

If they like what you have to offer how do they go about buying it? There has never been an article that cannot be made shorter. If they feel like finding out more about a particular product feature, then give them that opportunity. Avoid the customer having to download Word documents, Powerpoints or PDFs unless offered as an alternative for convenience. Note that Google and other search engines do now index these documents. The language might be slang or highbrow language but when used with caution it can help you narrow the field of your audience and create some exclusivity.

Value is in the mind of the beholder and you can make the ordinary seem extraordinary with a little bit of wordplay. A certified, pre-owned car or a used car?

PDF 12 Golden Rules of Persuasive Copywriting

A grande latte or a medium coffee? To learn to write a lede or an introduction? There are lots of industries that have their own language — everything from IT and engineering to blogging and craft. The more specialised the topic, the more specialised the language.

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If your copywriting is selling a technical product to a technical audience, you must speak the same language. This is when jargon gets some credibility and becomes terminology.

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I have to Google most chat and text acronyms. A sentence packed with too many acronyms and technical terms seems cold, inhuman, and almost unreadable.

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The optimal ratio is no more than one technical term for every ten words in the sentence. Are you a secret jargon junkie? Go on — you can tell me. Or perhaps you know of other circumstances in which jargon is perfectly acceptable? Awesome content PLUS lots of critiques and personal coaching from me to make sure you know how to nail each technique.

Tell me more! About Belinda Weaver Belinda Weaver is a marketing and seo copywriter confidently walking the line between writing effective copy and creating an engaging brand personality.

Download PDF 12 Golden Rules of Persuasive Copywriting

She shares her successful techniques for creating engaging brands through awesome copywriting. Great tips as usual Belinda. We copywriters and editors sometimes have to work hard to get them to explain their jargon so that their readers can know what is being said. I am so glad to have stumbled upon your website. You are quickly becoming my go-to-person for all things copywriting HUGS. Just like in brick and mortar business, the three most important factors are: Location, Location and Location; and in any kind of writing the very first thing to ask your clients is: Who is this message meant for.

Belinda, thank you for this post!