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You may have prepared for your flight and ticked all the boxes on your to-do list but sometimes life happens. Mishaps like a family emergency, a grave illness or a flat tire can make you a no-show on your flight. Assuming you have missed your flight or are about to and you are not at the airport, contact your airline through their local number. If you want to book a new ticket, your airline is likely to request a change fee. If the fare has gone up since the last time you bought your ticket—you will need to pay the difference in price. Despite these extra charges, if you call ahead, it is better to pay more than to lose your ticket completely.

If you are at the airport, proceed to the ticketing counter or gate agent. Explain your situation and ask for the options available to you. This is so they can keep your checked bags safe and on the ground until you can collect them. If you made the first flight but missed your connection, a lot of airlines will make you a standby on the next available flight.

But does this mean that you should scrap your original ticket and buy a new one? This may be the case if the change fee is sky-high and buying a new ticket is cheaper. However, when making the decision, be aware that buying a new one-way ticket makes your existing itinerary null and void. So unless you are sure you want to cancel your trip completely, avoid doing this.

Contact your hotel as soon as it is clear you will not be able to make your hotel reservation. Your goal here is to avoid extra charges made to your booking. The problem is with airlines often creating a minuscule open window to connect between flights, this can be a tough rule to follow.

WE MISSED OUR FLIGHT :(.. Barbados to Nashville

To avoid missing your connecting flight, the secret is to be alert when booking your ticket. Pay attention to the layover times. Ideally, it would be great to have at least one hour layover time for domestic flights and two hours for international flights. Also, bear in mind that if your layover time is between thirty to forty-five minutes, this is not actually a lot of time.

So avoid doing time-waster activities like window shopping or making lengthy phone calls. Missing your connecting flight is not ideal. It need not be the end of the world though. Our recommendations will give you the best possible outcome. I already knew from research and experience that on-the-day tickets booked at the airport can be expensive.

It can also be time-consuming dashing from airline counter to counter seeking quotes. The problem is that airport Wi-Fi often sucks my experience booking a last-minute flight out of the Philippines taught me that. Conversely, burning an hour of time finding good, free Wi-Fi could have had a big impact on the availability and price of the next flight out.

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Using Skyscanner my favourite online flight checker , I searched for flights leaving that day from any airport in Milan to Manchester. And: Bingo. The Fly Be flight to Manchester was available. Desperate to secure the non-deal deal, I worked away on my tiny iPhone keyboard booking the next flight out.

In that case, check alternative means of transport and even alternative routes. Staying in the location for a few extra days until you can find a cheaper flight combined with a late-room deal can be cheaper if your schedule permits — no starving cats or kids at home.

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  6. About budget: everybody travels with different budgets and while one person might book an extra ticket with little to no thought to the cost, for some, a couple of hundred euros can leave a significant dent in your funds. However, try not to let it cloud your decision-making.

    Missed Your Connecting Flight? Here’s What to Do

    While the expenditure may pinch in the short run, a couple of weeks of more cautious spending eating ramen! Within months the outlay should feel little more than an annoyance in the past. These days, the differences between airlines can be quite vast from what you need to do pre-boarding print your boarding pass with Ryanair to luggage allowance 1 bag only on some airlines and 2 on others. My extra flight was a cost I could have lived without, but ultimately it was a necessary expense to fix my mistake.

    With my new boarding card firmly clutched in my hand, and a seat in direct view of the departure screens nobody wants to miss two flights in one day , I sat down for my final pasta lunch in Italy, determined to enjoy what remained of my day.

    Claiming compensation for a missed flight under Regulation EC 261/2004:

    I met a fellow traveller when I was in Japan who missed his flight due to a person jumping in front of his train bound for the airport. With a note confirming the incident from the train company, he was able to use his travel insurance for financial assistance. This is perhaps the hardest part for me. In the meantime, I at least to get to add some new airmiles to my One World account! If you need to fix the problem of your missed flight, here are some of my favourite tried and over tested at airports travel booking sites.

    All in one click. Flight search also available. Just check once, here. Airbnb — if you want something a bit more homey than a hotel. Trip Advisor in case you want to check the quality of your hotel before you book — you know, not wanting to make a bad day worse and all that.

    Jo Fitzsimons is a freelance travel writer who has visited over 60 countries. Her aim: to help you plan your travel adventure on your terms and to your budget. I have missed a flight last month too and it has been so much of a hassle for me. I will organize all my transportation services to the airport beforehand. Yes, planning your airport transport is an excellent tip. Thanks for sharing this article. It is very informative and good to know that there are always alternatives. Missing your flight is not the end of the world!

    What happens if I miss a connecting flight due to a delay?

    Reading this made me feel good. Heavy rains combined with Mumbai traffic. I could not travel 12 miles in 2 hours!! I wish you luckier travels next time. I have to thank you so much for this post. I have just missed my flight. I had one minute spare to check in and was feeling very smug for getting through check in on time.

    What to do if you miss your flight

    However when I saw passport control my heart sank. Hi Naomi, sorry to hear about your missed flight — as they say, we have vision in hindsight. So sorry it was an expensive experience. But equally happy that my post made you feel a bit better knowing you are not the only one. Better luck with your next flight! I very recently missed a flight from Paris because the queue to go through the passport check was very very long — followed by security check which all held me up. I got to the gate but it had closed. Stayed night in the terminal, then got reticketed next day for about euros.

    I emailed Cathay Pacific who said they have a record only if you check in AND catch the plane…Do you or any readers have any suggestions, please? Hi Monica, that sucks! Is there any other way of proving that you were at the airport when you were. For example, did you take any photos at the airport — these usually have a timestamp. Also, an Uber receipt would probably record the time.

    Your insurance company may not accept this kind of evidence but I definitely have the conversation with them.

    Good luck! Same situation as you. Frequent flyer. The issue was that I always print out my boarding pass but with norwegian, they did not allow that so I had no way to check other than email buried in my inbox.

    This Surprising Rule Can Help If You Miss Your Flight

    My wife and daughter were with me on our way from NYC to Barcelona. Long story, we tried as heck to rush to Newark but traffic made us miss the gate by 10 min. Norwegian gave us zero credit for the ticket. They give you up to flight time to get some ridiculousness credit towards the next flight. The next flight was some insane price more expensive than a brand new tickrt on another carrier. Painful painful lesson.