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And can she help A Broadway star unintentionally kills her impresario but keeps mum about it when the police investigator targets a rival actress. Marsha Meredith, an attorney-at-law, is nominated for a Federal judgeship, but her nomination is opposed by a 'Good-Government' group who think her divorce makes her unfit for the job. In the s, enterprising Louise Randall is determined to succeed in a man's world. She enrolls at business college but her plans for a career change when she falls in love with handsome The neglected wife of a high profile attorney dallies with a unscrupulous womanizer and finds herself involved in blackmail and murder.

To save his job, newsman Jeff Sherman offers to help his boss get out of a swingeing alimony settlement. But his devious plan to compromise Cornelia Porter, the judge on the case, while she Two professional people marry, but the wife insists that they be celibate for the first three months, just to see if they are truly compatible. The husband tries various tricks to lure his A domineering woman marries a wealthy man for his money, and then uses her position to further her own ambitions for money and power.

Ice-cold college dean Susan Middlecott feels there's no room in her life for romance. Enter Prof. Alec Stevenson, British lecturer on astronomy, touring North America and in possession of a keepsake of Susan's he wants to return. Desperate for publicity, lecture bureau press agent Teddy Evans magnifies this into a great romance. The efforts of both dignified principals to quash the story have the opposite effect; matters get more and more involved Rosalind Russell plays Dr.

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Susan Middlecott, a brilliant professor and dean of a college for women. However, her father Edmund Gwenn is concerned that she's all work and needs a man in her life. So, when the newspaper comes up with the incorrect notion that she's having a relationship with a professor Ray Milland , the father makes the most of it While Milland, Gwenn and Russell are all wonderful actors, here they are burdened with a bad script. The essential idea isn't bad though some feminists today will balk at the notion that a woman needs a man , it is executed poorly. There are two main problems.

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Towards the end, the film relies too much on slapsticky sorts of laughs Additionally, the whole relationship between the professors goes from hostile to head over heels so abruptly and unexpectedly that it made no sense at all. It's a shame Start your free trial. Films of the Fifties. Use the HTML below. This is the proudest achievement in my life. I want to encourage young women in Myanmar in three areas. Firstly, I would say education. It is better for girls and women to have formal education or vocational skills.

If not, they may be dependent on others and may be easily misled into following the wrong path in life. If a woman wants to be healthy both physically and mentally, she has to eat healthy food, pay attention to her personal hygiene, exercise regularly, and most importantly, find a way to relax no matter how busy she is. The final advice is to love yourself. We all own our lives and you are the only person responsible for your happiness.

No matter how busy you are, no matter how demanding raising a family can be, you need to take time for yourself. So please take time out, have some personal space and do keep in touch with your friends and colleagues - it can help keep you happy and successful. What are the challenges faced by women and girls in Myanmar due to their gender? Marguerite influenced nursing education throughout Alberta -specifically Red Deer College, across Canada and internationally. She established a two-year nursing program at Red Deer College RDC in a college setting, rather than the usual three-year hospital based program.

This is a tribute to the legacy begun by Marguerite which is effectively passed on by so many of the faculty she hired, as well as their students. Especially since some of these students have become nursing instructors at RDC and continue to pass on these core values to the current generation of nursing students!

Carolyn Campbell Receives Private Equity Africa – Women Impact Award 12222

Val Grew up in Central Alberta and has touched the lives of many throughout the years. She sold the business in with more than students, after nurturing thousands of young people to do their best. Val has always embraced active living and lifelong wellness. Her very being exudes energy and a passion for living life to the fullest through active experiences. Val is an accomplished tri-athlete with medals and accolades of her own, and has trekked to Mount Everest Base Camp.

Val is a mother of three outstanding children and grandma to one granddaughter.

Women of Influence

She brought a multitude of sports organizations together, to have them explore their common hopes, challenges and dreams. Deb has also been involved with the Oriole Park Community Association.

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She is married to Doug Vesely, whom Deb says has helped her achieve all her accomplishments. Deb is a mother to three children, Sam, Allison and Max, who are all very in involved sports, culture and school activities. This is where Tosha discovered her passion for family violence issues. At that time, Tosha returned to university to complete her degree in social work, with a strong focus on crisis intervention and trauma.

This position is unique — making Tosha the very first social worker to be employed within an RCMP detachment in Canada. She works with police to assess risk and to develop case management strategies. The primary goal is enhancing service delivery to victims of domestic violence, while holding offenders accountable for their actions.

Barb has a unique talent of making everyone she works with and meets feel like they are important. A graduate from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Physical Education, she has always been a strong supporter of community recreation. Barb is a dedicated wife, mother of two, mentor, volunteer and valued friend. Her peers, and fellow volunteers, are fortunate to have the privilege of being part of her busy life.

Jodi works collaboratively with cross ministry initiatives and determines supports and services necessary for students with diverse learning needs from pre-K to Grade Jodi builds capacity of Student Services and school based staff to meet the needs of diverse learners and is responsible for systemic changes to facilitate inclusive programming for all students. A dedicated educator, Jodi works diligently to provide a quality inclusive education experience for all students regardless of physical, cognitive or behavioral challenges — no exceptions!

Jodi grew up with a severely disabled older sister who has inspired her to lead the charge with the Inclusive Model of Special Education provincially. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is a gift to all students and their families, especially those faced with multiple challenges. Jodi is a recognized educational innovator at the local, provincial, national and international levels.

Jodi is an exceptional woman of passion who strives to live her life with intention. Joelle Johnson was born in England and immigrated to Central Alberta as a child. She grew up and went to school in Red Deer. At the age of 19, Dr.

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  • Joelle had a ski accident that caused severe life threatening injuries. The recovery period was long, and the injuries led her into the chiropractic profession as she received great benefits from chiropractic care. In , Dr. The name says it all — family! An amazing role model for the young women she sees in her clinic every day, Dr. Joelle not only provides extensive medical knowledge, but also mentors young people by job shadowing; and one on one lunch meetings to encourage future career choices.

    Joelle is a married mother of three and through her professionalism in business, leadership and generosity of giving makes the community of Red Deer a better place to be! Kimberly is a dynamic and innovative Pharmacist with a passion for health and wellness. Amanda has gained international acclaim for her work supporting development and aid in Somalia — the country where she once spent days as a hostage.

    Following her release in , she left journalism and became an unlikely and passionate advocate for the people of Somalia.

    Women And Hysteria In The History Of Mental Health

    Amanda founded GEF to ignite leadership in Somalia through education and economic initiatives that the organization develops, funds and implements. In , for the first time since her abduction, Amanda returned to Somalia and led famine relief efforts for which she has raised millions of dollars. The purpose of this environmental engagement project is to teach children about their role in watershed conservation. For her genuine compassion for people, Megan was presented the Christian Citizenship Award. And for excellence in leadership and initiative at Notre Dame, Megan received Leadership 15 and 25 Awards.

    Those around Megan have described her as a reliable, honest, intelligent and genuine young person with a warm and inviting manner — truly a young Woman of Excellence.

    Connie Walker named a "Woman of Distinction"

    Kylie was born in Red Deer; eldest of three children — and learned early on, by her parents example, to be part of the community. She is a volunteer for the past 10 years — on duty for public education displays in the malls, the hospital and at Red Deer College where she attends in the Early Learning and Childcare Level 2 Program.

    Kylie also assists with fundraising activities to further the mission of the Epilepsy Association. Kylie has a great empathy for marginalized individuals — she leads by example, encouraging others to grasp life. Kylie advocates on behalf of persons with a developmental disability through her volunteer involvement with The Hub on Ross. Lyn Radford is a dedicated wife, mother, daughter and friend, as well as a valued community member. Lyn thrives on giving back wherever needed.

    This is not limited to family and her local community; it extends beyond the city limits as evidenced by the award of the Alberta Centennial Medal and her involvement in provincial initiatives like the Alberta Summer Games benefiting youth throughout the Province.

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    Lyn shares her values with people in our community on a daily basis, developing new community volunteers in the process. She is an advocate for children, the Aboriginal community and those who are not able to challenge the system for themselves. Lyn is known in Red Deer as a lady who makes things happen with unmatched determination to follow a project through to success.