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The experience of this well-to-do village of 10, is a vivid illustration of what can happen when foot patrols are phased out. In the five years since its police station was closed the nearest police officers have been stationed 12 miles away at Colchester and as a result there has been an explosion in the levels of petty crime, burglaries and antisocial behaviour. MS gang members languish in one of the three 'gang cages' in El Salvador.

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Tiptree had just reported crimes between June and August but during the same period last year that figure had risen to Burglaries have gone up per cent in the space of a year and figures for January and February revealed 95 crimes had already been reported. Before the advent of personal radio communications, beats were organised in towns and cities to cover specific areas, usually shown on a map in the police station and given some sort of name or number. Officers reporting on duty would be allocated a beat by their sergeant and sometimes given a card indicating that the officer should be at a particular point at set times, usually half an hour, or forty-five minutes apart.

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The points would usually be telephone kiosks, police pillars or boxes, or perhaps public houses where it would be possible to phone the officer should he be needed to respond to an incident. The officer would remain at the point for five minutes and then patrol the area gradually making his way to the next point.

Beats in town centres would be relatively small areas but in the suburbs much larger. A shortfall in manpower would mean that one or more beats would be left unpatrolled at the discretion of the duty sergeant. Sometime during an officer's shift, he could expect a supervisory officer to meet him at one of the points.

This ensured the beat patrol was being correctly carried out and was an opportunity to discuss problems. The supervisory officer would sign the officer or constable's pocket book, ensuring that it was up to date. Motor racing. US sports. Rugby League.

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Thin blue line is snapped...the bobby on beat is thing of past

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What does five more years of the Tories mean for Britain? Show all 8. Some experts think the only way they can close that gap is by means testing child benefit — with millions of families losing out. This may be unachievable and it is possible that the Tories may end up arguing to leave. Having won the election the Tories now have a mandate to go further and faster reforming the NHS.

The Tories plans to create new free schools and make 3, state schools become academies. They will also carry on reforming the Department of Education and remove more powers from local authorities over how schools are run. Government spending on renewable energy is under real threat now the Lib Dems are no longer in power with the Tories.