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Democrats would never dream of such a thing. Or would they? Ukrainian officials have also tried to present evidence of wrongdoing on behalf of American Democrats and their allies in Ukraine, specifically involving foreign meddling against Trump and for Hillary Clinton in the election. Naturally, this comes from officials in Zelensky's administration, accusing former officials in Poroshenko's administration of working to further American Democrats' untoward schemes. America is not Ukraine. The U.

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But Democrats and Republicans are squabbling about the other side's corruption just like political parties in Ukraine. The Democrats' impeachment effort seems incredibly orchestrated. It began with a whistleblower complaint that seems to have involved Rep. Adam Schiff D-Calif. The whistleblower notified Schiff of the complaint beforehand, and some have speculated that Schiff may have helped write the complaint.

Meanwhile, Biden's campaign has tried to control the narrative, asking the media to blacklist Giuliani. This sleazy impeachment effort is beginning to look very Like Us. Follow Us. Follow PJMedia. Roger L. Matt Margolis. Richard Fernandez. Rick Moran. Victor Davis Hanson. Jim Treacher. Stephen Kruiser. Tyler O'Neil. Megan Fox. Ed Driscoll. Election Facebook Twitter. Log In. Join VIP.

Ukraine scandal: Trump’s “corruption” talking point is quickly destroyed - Vox

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By Tyler O'Neil T His Son is on the Board Both parties tapped into the popular mood of the day, each claiming to champion reform and promising an end to the corruption that had become rampant in Washington. Likewise, both parties promised an end to post-Civil War Reconstruction. These campaign posters for Rutherford B. Hayes a and Samuel Tilden b underscore the tactics of each party, which remained largely unchanged, regardless of the candidates.

America Was Built on Corruption

In , true to the campaign style of the day, neither Tilden nor Hayes actively campaigned for office, instead relying upon supporters and other groups to promote their causes. Fearing a significant African American and white Republican voter turnout in the South, particularly in the wake of the Civil Rights Act of , which further empowered African Americans with protection in terms of public accommodations, Democrats relied upon white supremacist terror organizations to intimidate blacks and Republicans, including physically assaulting many while they attempted to vote.

The Redshirts, based in Mississippi and the Carolinas, and the White League in Louisiana, relied upon intimidation tactics similar to the Ku Klux Klan but operated in a more open and organized fashion with the sole goal of restoring Democrats to political predominance in the South. In several instances, Redshirts would attack freedmen who attempted to vote, whipping them openly in the streets while simultaneously hosting barbecues to attract Democratic voters to the polls. Women throughout South Carolina began to sew red flannel shirts for the men to wear as a sign of their political views; women themselves began wearing red ribbons in their hair and bows about their waists.

The result of the presidential election, ultimately, was close. Tilden won the popular vote by nearly , votes; however, he had only electoral votes, with needed to proclaim formal victory. Three states, Florida, Louisiana, and South Carolina, were in dispute due to widespread charges of voter fraud and miscounting.

Trump insists he just wants foreign countries to tackle “corruption.” Here’s why that’s absurd.

Questions regarding the validity of one of the three electors in Oregon cast further doubt on the final vote; however, that state subsequently presented evidence to Congress confirming all three electoral votes for Hayes. As a result of the disputed election, the House of Representatives established a special electoral commission to determine which candidate won the challenged electoral votes of these three states.

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In what later became known as the Compromise of , Republican Party leaders offered southern Democrats an enticing deal. The offer was that if the commission found in favor of a Hayes victory, Hayes would order the withdrawal of the remaining U. After weeks of deliberation, the electoral commission voted eight to seven along straight party lines, declaring Hayes the victor in each of the three disputed states. As a result, Hayes defeated Tilden in the electoral vote by a count of — and became the next president.

By April of that year, radical Reconstruction ended as promised, with the removal of federal troops from the final two Reconstruction states, South Carolina and Louisiana. Within a year, Redeemers—largely Southern Democrats—had regained control of the political and social fabric of the South. Likewise, most realized that Hayes would likely be a one-term president at best and prove to be as ineffectual as his pre-Civil War predecessors.

Perhaps most surprising was the lack of even greater public outrage over such a transparent compromise, indicative of the little that Americans expected of their national government. In an era where voter turnout remained relatively high, the two major political parties remained largely indistinguishable in their agendas as well as their propensity for questionable tactics and backroom deals. Likewise, a growing belief in laissez-faire principles as opposed to reforms and government intervention which many Americans believed contributed to the outbreak of the Civil War led even more Americans to accept the nature of an inactive federal government.

Powerful Republican Party leader Roscoe Conkling is shown here as the devil. Hayes walks off with the prize of the election, the South, personified as a woman.

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In the years following the Civil War, American politics were disjointed, corrupt, and, at the federal level, largely ineffective in terms of addressing the challenges that Americans faced. Local and regional politics, and the bosses who ran the political machines, dominated through systematic graft and bribery.

Americans around the country recognized that solutions to the mounting problems they faced would not come from Washington, DC, but from their local political leaders. Thus, the cycle of federal ineffectiveness and machine politics continued through the remainder of the century relatively unabated.

Meanwhile, in the Compromise of , an electoral commission declared Rutherford B. Hayes the winner of the contested presidential election in exchange for the withdrawal of federal troops from South Carolina, Louisiana, and Florida. As a result, Southern Democrats were able to reestablish control over their home governments, which would have a tremendous impact on the direction of southern politics and society in the decades to come.

Skip to main content. Politics in the Gilded Age, Search for:. Political Corruption in Postbellum America Learning Objectives By the end of this section, you will be able to: Discuss the national political scene during the Gilded Age Analyze why many critics considered the Gilded Age a period of ineffective national leadership. You have accounted for two-thirds of the session. Section Summary In the years following the Civil War, American politics were disjointed, corrupt, and, at the federal level, largely ineffective in terms of addressing the challenges that Americans faced.

Review Question What accounted for the relative weakness of the federal government during this era? Answer to Review Question The contested elections of the Gilded Age, in which margins were slim and two presidents were elected without winning the popular vote, meant that incumbent presidents often had only a weak hold on their power and were able to achieve little on the federal level.

Some Americans began to establish new political parties and organizations to address their concerns, undermining the federal government further. Meanwhile, despite the widespread corruption that kept them running, urban political machines continued to achieve results for their constituents and maintain political strongholds on many cities.

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