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Other Authors: Clarkson, C. Christopher M. Cunningham, Sally. Most of the papers were presented at a conference on criminal liability for non-aggressive death, Leicester, England, April Duff Corporate manslaughter : need for a special offence? Clarkson Vehicular homocide : need for a special offence? Please wait This may take some time. However, and this forms the bulk of the thesis, pure omissions and acts analogous to omissions are easier to justify, easier to excuse, less easy to conceptualise as an attack on life and as a cause of death.

The key to achieving sufficient parity of culpability and wrongdoing to warrant a conviction for murder, is the mental element. It requires that the omission is for the purpose of causing death. Once this distinctive mental element is established there is no undue obstacle to a finding of accountability. Suggested Citation: Suggested Citation.

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Ultimate Lecture- criminal liability for causing death by double act

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