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Pinterest provides real estate professionals another website where they can be found. One of the smartest steps for a prospective buyer or seller to complete while beginning their home search or sale is to inquire with family members, friends, or colleagues to see if they have any recommendations to a top real estate agent. The internet has drastically changed the way referrals and word of mouth work in real estate.

The days of getting the name of a real estate agent and picking up the phone to call the agent are over in most cases.

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The majority of consumers will now receive a referral to a service, in this case a real estate professional, and head right to the internet to investigate before contacting the referral. Actively using Pinterest in real estate will not solely justify why a consumer should hire you as their real estate agent, however, it can provide excellent social proof that you know your industry. The tried and true method of knowing how to interview real estate agents is still the number one tip for selecting the right real estate agent, but being active on Pinterest will absolutely increase your online visibility.

The number of real estate professionals who still do not have their own website is startling, however, that is another discussion in itself. Arguably the biggest benefit to using Pinterest in real estate is the insane amount of traffic it can drive to your website.

You Too Can Crush it with Pinterest Affiliate Marketing with less Followers!

The number of visitors to a real estate website is important. The more traffic to your real estate website, the greater the chance your quality content will be shared with others. This is a common SEO concept calling social signals. Pinterest provides real estate agents the opportunity to showcase their local communities. One of the best things about Pinterest is that Pins are evergreen.

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Evergreen in the content marketing world means that a piece of content will remain relevant forever. Since Pins are evergreen, they will continue to be shared by others as the number of shares rise solely because other peoples followers will be able to discover the Pins. This is not the case with many other social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.

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A Tweet has a very small window of opportunity for others to discover your content as it gets buried further and further in a persons Twitter feed. For example, an article discussing what to expect from a real estate agent when buying a home that I published in June was originally shared on my real estate articles worth reading board and since has been pinned over times. There are millions of real life examples of Pins being evergreen.

Below are some of the best tips for using Pinterest in real estate. In order to be successful on Pinterest in real estate, you need to create memorable graphics for your content. Since Pinterest is all visual, no graphics results in no opportunities for your content to be pinned. Graphics that are poor designed or easily forgettable will result in poor results and a quick exit from Pinterest.

There are several user friendly websites and programs that are available that make it easy to create great, eye-catching graphics. My favorite website to create graphics for my content and other marketing pieces is Canva. All of my articles are accompanied by at least 3 graphics that are px x px and perform very well on Pinterest. There are a handful of websites that allow you to get free graphics and others that offer graphics as cheap as a couple dollars, such as Canva. These local boards should provide people who are interested in learning about your communities some helpful information.

In most cities there are many surrounding towns, villages, and neighborhoods which you can also create boards for. One of the best ways to effectively use Pinterest in real estate is to join powerful group boards. There are dozens of excellent real estate group boards on Pinterest.

The primary reason group boards are so beneficial to join is because they improve the reach of your pins. For example, if a group board has 10, followers, any Pin you share with the group board will now have the ability to reach these 10, followers. If you follow me on instagram you may have seen that I did a poll to figure out which kinds of things I need to share more of here on my site!

And, honestly it still seems so surreal that it happened as it was totally unexpected and a big risk for us. We happened to be renting a home in our dream neighborhood from a builder who then decided he needed to move one of his other properties quickly.

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Fast forward about 35 days and we found ourselves homeowners! All this said, I totally understand that seeing gorgeous homes posted every week may not be fun for everyone. I felt this way for years and, truthfully I still do sometimes, because of the nature of working in real estate every day.

So back to that poll I did. Click here! Pinterest analytics tell you how many people are seeing your pins on a daily basis, which of your pins are gaining the most amount of views, repins and clicks, and how much much traffic is being sent back to your blog from Pinterest. To be successful on Pinterest, you need to have a strategy in place.

You need to be constantly testing new ideas to build your strategy and get as many click-throughs to your site as possible. For example, I always create two or three different pins for each of my blog posts using pre-made templates.

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Not sure how to make a good pin image? Learn how in 7 easy steps! Without consulting my analytics, I would never know which of my templates my readers prefer. And the same concept applies to every other aspect of my pinning strategy. The numbers you see are all averages based on the dates shown in the graph.

In this case, the numbers are based on my stats from roughly May 5th through 10th. Impressions are the number of times pins from your account are seen on Pinterest, and viewers are the number of individuals seeing your pins. So, in the example above, 1, people are seeing 3, of my pins on average in that time frame. Average monthly engaged is the average number of people interacting with your pins. This could mean that they clicked on it for a close-up look, saved it to one of their boards, or clicked through to your website.

Each of these broad sections offers more detailed information if you click on them. From this page, I can change the time range I want to see numbers for, and I can look to see the number of saves and clicks on pins from my account in that time. For many niches, this information is more just interesting than anything else, but it can be important to know what kinds of people are the most interested in your content. The importance of your follower count has fluctuated quite a bit over the last few years.

At one point, follower count was extremely important because the home feed of a user was made up of pins from the people they follow.