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Kinderbücher: Der Schneemann (Illustrierte Kinderbuch Bilderbuch) by Beáta Noémi Bálint

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Roy Black's Version of "Jingle Bells" in German

Really relax and enjoy — on your summer or winter vacation. In winter, build a big snowman , go sledding on our own hill, or enjoy the fragrant fried apples from our farm kitchen — idyllic country life is a term often used for what you experience here with us!

Winter season in Benecko is all about skiing, cross country skiing, sledding and winter merriment with children. The melody of this popular Christmas carol is the same as it is in English yet it is not a direct translation. Whether you are a student of the German language or simply wish to fill your home with a classic German carol over the holidays, this is a fun song to learn. Twardy wrote many songs for Black over his career, including many Christmas songs.

One might compare Black and his holiday songs to the American Bing Crosby. As you look at the English translation, you will notice that the lyrics are not like those we are familiar with.

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There is no " Dashing through the snow " or " Laughing all the way. You will also notice that Twardy does not translate " Jingle Bells. The German lyrics are provided for educational use only. No infringement of copyright is implied or intended. It waxes late, and Pierrot, with his violin, serenades Columbine who now is too fearful to appear at the window. As the awkward Pantalon reappears, Pierrot hides behind the snowman. Pantalon, seeing the latter, is amused almost to death ; he bows and scrapes and assumes, in frolic, a similar position.

The love-sick Pierrot gets and idea from this, and after Pantalon has left he takes the snowman away, arrays himself in white and takes the place of the snowman, with arms outstretched and eyes looking longingly to the window of his beloved.

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Pantalon is angry that his niece looks so continually at the snowman, and he commands the figure to enter the house. The figure does not need a second bidding and is straightway heard stamping up the stairs.

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Pantalon, overcome with fright, calls his servants ; but they, too, are motionless with fear. He rushes out ; but shortly returns dressed as the devil, thinking this to command the situation. To gain courage he takes several long sips of wine, and now, wonderful to relate, sees not only one snowman but two, three, four, and a whole battalion who dance wildly about him.