Guide Developing Web Applications with Oracle ADF Essentials

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So if we excuse the fact that Adf Essentials seem to be an early beta at the moment and focus on the book. It is as I said pretty good.

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Some analogies really made me go: What? But that could be me lacking his background and apart from this the Language is very good and you really can tell that Sten knows his way around Adf and is good at explaining. The book is written so an absolute beginner to Java would understand most of it which is also the way Oracle often pitches Adf. And he even managed to explain the View vs Entity which I have always found a bit odd before. A few things I really disliked with the book are that he gives a default password to use.

And while he does mention default passwords should not be used I find it bad to encourage it by printing a sample password. A better way would have been to teach the reader how to reset the password instead.

Developing Web Applications with Oracle Adf Essentials

Another thing is that he prints CSS rules directly in his code which is another no-no in my book and should not be encouraged. And while I understand that you have to do things like this to make things simple for the reader I personally think it is better to skip sections requiring it since I know most newbies will copy the code as-is not understanding that it is bad practice. On the other had there are also many thing I really enjoyed such as explaining that applications should be split up and how to do it as well as introduce version control systems, logging frameworks, code templates as well as build scripts and many other similar things.

And these are important things which many books leave out.

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The book is around pages I read the ePub version and spans eight chapters. It is designed as a tutorial which means you probably want to read it from cover to cover.

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I guess some chapters towards the end could be considered self contained. This is a good book for Java beginners wanting to learn Adf Essentials and probably Adf as well the main problem I have with the book is the Essentials part.

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That said the book does a good job explaining Adf and how to maneuver the various issues and pitfalls of using Adf with non Oracle technologies. This should be done in automated build process.

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This process is same for any other Deployment Profile, but you will need to enable various jar files to be added to WAR file see below. There are various libraries JSF 2. Hence, make sure that following jar files are part of WAR file as shown in above image. Now, build WAR file using deployment profile, place it in webapps folder, and restart Tomcat server.

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Look at log files for any errors and act accordingly. Most potential problems will be missing from some Jar file and you will need to include in WAR file using Deployment Profile.

Published at DZone with permission of Rebecca Pruess. See the original article here. Over a million developers have joined DZone. The chapters are easy to read, they follow a tutorial approach and a summary at the end. This is an introductory book, so you won't find what every single property of the framework means, but it does have advance topics such as: how to configure ADF applications to be developed as shared libraries, how to implement security for an ADF Essentials application remember ADF security is not part of ADF Essentials , among others.

From chapters 1 to 4 you will learn the basics of building an Orace ADF Essentials application and whenever there's a different behavior for using MySQL database, you'll get a tip or note clarifying this. You will also get several useful URLs pointing you to other sources of information. On chapters 5 to 8 is where you get the advance training.