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On the first premise, it is common enough for theologians to deny this, instead claiming that some people have had direct experiences with the Almighty.

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The issue is whether any of those people actually experienced some infinite properties or qualities of God, or only thought they did. Could they understand what is really happening to them? This psychological phenomenon happens to some people, sure.

Existence of God

But these experiences can easily be induced by meditation, isolation, drugs, falling asleep, or blows to the head. But this is just a bluff: they could not possibly know this. No human has the cognitive capacity to understandably distinguish some genuine encounter with God from a pseudo-encounter. Theologians are aware of these obstacles.

One typical trick is to claim that God endows special people with unnatural powers to know divine matters. Such tricks beg the question, requiring the prior assumption that God exists, so no proof is possible in this manner either.

How You Can Know God Exists - Not Wishful Thinking, Reasons, Facts, Logic

This is a permanent situation. No matter how far we are driven to rationally admit that something extraordinary requires a very special explanation, a sufficient explanation always falls far short of any God. Not at all. Nope, not at all. And no one else should, either. Neanderthal remains found all over Europe show that there were hominids that lived on this planet long before us.

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All these things were against the literalist approach to Scripture. It has all these stories in it that don't mean very much. But to say that Spinoza's God , Einstein's God , some abstract God that created the universe is dead — it's premature to do that.

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  • How You Can Know God Exists - Not Wishful Thinking, Reasons, Facts, Logic.
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Does God exist?

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Evidences of God's existence:

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