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While much of the investigation of culturally responsive practices has focused on classroom teaching, recent efforts have applied a culturally responsive framework to school leadership. In general, these studies characterize culturally responsive school leaders as those who emphasize high expectations for student academic achievement, exhibit an ethic of care, promote inclusive instructional practices, and develop organizational structures that empower parents and the larger community in the life of the school.

While this bibliography incorporates some sources that focus on socially just leadership, it emphasizes those school leadership theories and practices that respond to issues of ethnicity, culture, language, and race. These sources discuss general leadership approaches to diversity issues, often through reviews of the empirical and research literature.

Master in Education Studies (Intercultural Learning and Leadership)

Riehl is a classic review of leadership for diversity that focuses on developing new meanings for diversity, inclusive organizations, and school-community relationships. Gardiner and Enomoto , McCray and Beachum , Beachum , and Madhlangobe and Gordon emphasize the multicultural and culturally responsive skills needed by 21st-century urban school leaders. See Agosto, et al. Culture-based leadership and preparation: A qualitative meta-synthesis of the literature. In Handbook of research on educational leadership for equity and diversity. Edited by Linda C. Tillman and James Joseph Scheurich, — New York: Routledge.

In this insightful review of twenty-three practitioner and academic articles published between and , the authors advocate for bridging social justice leadership and culture-based leadership. They question why the literature for practitioners uses culture-based terms but not terms related to social justice leadership. Beachum, Floyd. Culturally relevant leadership for complex 21st—century school contexts. Edited by Fenwick W. English, 27— Boske, Christa. International Journal of Educational Management DOI: This electronic survey examined how 1, members of the American Association of School Administrators ranked national leadership diversity standards.

Standards ranked most important focused on all students, while those ranked least important centered on specific culturally and linguistically diverse populations. A majority of administrators felt they were not prepared to address equity issues. Brown, Kathleen M. Muttillo, and Thad Urban.

Preparing Culturally Competent Leaders

Leading schools of excellence and equity: Documenting effective strategies in closing achievement gaps. Teachers College Record Interviews with stakeholders and equity audits revealed eight small gap SG and eight large gap LG schools. While demographic similarities existed between the two groups, how principals encouraged academic achievement and offered instructional support differed greatly, as did their expectations for academic excellence.

Gardiner, Mary E. Urban school principals and their role as multicultural leaders.

Phase 1: Building Trust

Urban Education Using the framework from Riehl , this qualitative study examined the work of six principals through a cross-case analysis. The principals were least knowledgeable about culturally relevant instructional practices and varied in terms of holding high expectations or deficit perspectives of their students. Madhlangobe, Lewis, and Stephen P. Culturally responsive leadership in a diverse school: A case study of a high school leader. Through focus group interviews with teachers and parents, shadowing, and observations, this case study details the culturally responsive practices of an assistant principal in central Texas, emphasizing her focus on caring, building relationships, being persistent and persuasive, being present and communicating, modeling cultural responsiveness, and fostering cultural responsiveness among others.

McCray, Carlos, and Floyd Beachum. Culturally relevant leadership for the enhancement of teaching and learning in urban schools. In The international handbook of leadership for learning.

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Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer. In response, culturally relevant leaders encourage diverse teaching methods, value multiple voices, and create community connections. Riehl, Carolyn J. Most FutureLearn courses run multiple times.

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Every run of a course has a set start date but you can join it and work through it after it starts. Find out more. This course is for employees that lead or work in a culturally diverse organisation. This includes leaders of global organisations or outsourced and offshore teams. Dr Lee Martin is a senior lecturer in management who conducts research on topics related to cultural diversity in organisations. Dr Puva Arumugam has a keen interest in performing arts and multicultural migrant identity research and education.

Dr Harsh Suri PhD has been an academic and a higher education researcher over 20 years and has received several research and teaching awards and grants nationally and internationally. Deakin Business School prepares graduates for careers of the future. We harness emerging technologies to facilitate innovative, borderless, socially responsible and personalised education.

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