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They need a place to go hunting, they need someone to take them, they need someone to show them the ropes. They need a mentor. Youth deer hunts such as this one in Monroe County provide that type of opportunity. As is the case for many youth deer hunts, this one was sponsored by the state's division of natural resources, and the young hunters are guided for the day by DNR officers, wildlife biologists and other volunteers who are experienced hunters to make the day a safe and enjoyable experience.

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The 13 young people on this hunt spent the morning on the shooting range sighting in and becoming familiar with the rifle they would use this day under the watchful eyes of Officers Josh Toner and Gabe Wood and biologist Alan Shipley. That was followed by some very informative talk on hunter safety concerns, and then it was off to what many consider the best part of any family event — food! Chris Lester told the eager crowd of new hunters. You will hear a lot today about ethics and making ethical choices while hunting. It's the same in life: Making good and ethical choices will result in you having a good life.

Here is a news flash in case you didn't know: Girls hunt, too! I was struck with the presence of one young female hunter and felt she was the epitome of what the youth hunt was all about. Abigail Burr is 16 years old and from Princeton, West Virginia, and this was her first deer hunt. I listened to his stories all the time, but he passed away before I got a chance to go hunting with him," Abby explained. The atmosphere here was very welcoming and helpful; I had never shot a gun before, and Officer Gabe Wood helped me with that and I hit all of my targets!

Then when we went to the blind and were hunting; he helped me get lined up on the deer and showed me where to shoot. After that he helped me field dress the deer. I helped, but it was kind of gross! Such an endeavor takes a lot of planning, and this one was greatly aided by the group West Virginia Youth Hunt, led by Larry Burwell, the president of the organization, and James Bradley Jr.


These two men worked very diligently to provide resources and talk to sponsors, whether individuals or businesses in the area, and they were able to take care of all the supplies and funds needed to make the event a success. These resources are crucial to the event and include food, hunting gear and firearms for the youth that day. Young people being introduced to hunting in a safe and friendly environment, rubbing shoulders with DNR officers and wildlife biologists, having a great experience with hunting for the first time and hopefully starting them out with what will become a lifelong pursuit.

I realized I will never be able to erase her from my mind's eye. Just so, I believe I have made a breakthrough.

Her clothing was that of a Quaker or an Amish woman. I am sure of it.

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  • I have not done any cross-reference research at this point. If any one believes me and is interested in validating this, let me know what you find. Reply here or Mosdefinally gmail.

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    Or white shawl over the black dress like in amish pics. I'm disappointed in the cap pics. I feel certain I havent seen the exact style she was wearing. It's a new lead in the search for some answers to who this woman is I saw. And why I cannot forget her. I totally believe all of this. I posted the above reply as anonymous by accident.

    [FGO JP] Salem Part 2 Abigail/Sheba rate up - Hunting for some chocolate ;)

    I am on my phone. And thank you for saying you believe me. I have talked with many people, mostly strangers, about paranormal. I have heard many crazy, amazing stories. But mostly, people are ignorant and say its foolish. I know what I saw. What they believe doesn't change that. I will confidently say anyone who has had a strong, undeniable experience feels the same. I am glad my experience has you inspired and sorry for the delayed response! I believe everything you said - but what date what is on?

    December 25, I am very interested in the paranormal so I asked my grandma if she could take me to the restaurant because I have heard so many stories about the establishment. Ill try to leave another comment if I have the time. Omg I'm going to Abigail's tomorrow! Ill update my comment tomorrow after the hopefully spooky experience!!! Hey , Im from Romania. And i see at Abigail's Home Back in before the upstairs was converted to a bar, my family stayed in the Inn.

    We were there for a week. We were unaware of the Inns history. My room was in the front of the building, my parents room was in the back area where the restrooms are now. My mother was very uncomfortable in the room , couldn't sleep and insisted they needed to be moved to another room. Later she admitted to seeing a form and alway felt chilled in that room.

    I remember the room as very cold and "dark" not spending any time in there, not liking it at all. My grandmother, mother and cousin have always been sensitive to the paranormal I'm not as sensitive. Maybe it time I go over for some cocktails at the bar and chat a bit.

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    To be honest, I was afraid of being ridiculed. But if it's like that Happy to see that the old tavern has been rebuilt and re-opened. I am a descendant of the Simsbury Pettibones Jonathon, Jr. Will be on the east coast in September and will try to get by Abigail's for a meal. Hi Bruce, I'm a student at Wesleyan University about 40 minutes away from Abigail's in Middletown and I'm doing a project on the tavern for a writing class.

    Would you be open to talking a little about your ancestry and what you know in regards to tavern lore? We could email. I recall this historic place in the 50's and 60's when it was owned and operated by the Daden family. We were friends with Gary and Helena Daden, who took over the operation of the tavern from Gary's mother and father.

    I remember that it was sold and Gary and Helena moved to Marlborough, Vt. I know when they moved, I missed a good bridge partner. Helena was president of the St.

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    Mary's School Society and oversaw the first fashion show ever held in Simsbury in the cafeteria of Henry James. Those were the good old days. I used to work there Can't remember what I was down there for, but easily one of the creepiest moments of my life. Dirt floor, low ceilings, Cold to the bone, clammy, and a strong feeling I wasn't alone down there! The place still freaks me out to this day. Back in the 's, during the Chart House establishment, I knew people who worked in this restaurant.