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A CD directed to a very determined kind of public, indeed, very sincere with the music.

Mensajes de amor, sanación, esperanza y unidad para todos

From our neighbour country, France, comes this fantastic review. Our french friend Raskal does an amazing work and we hope you to visit his webzine: www. A very interesting and catchy song with a very good production. If you are not annoyed from the Spanish language I am not! Taken from the "Leyenda" cd. We thank his comments like " good sound, good compositions and good music ". They are 3 nice and soft tracks, with legendary lyrics, very naturalist. Voice is not the typical sharp, but full of mid-tones, becoming agressive depending on the lyrics.

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Their CD contains only 3 tracks, but what we get to hear is of a very high level. A great review this time in Kerrang spanish edition again. They best score vocal tasks, production and execution MetalThunder webzine www. Sin duda la mejor del disco. Son tres canciones muy pero que muy buenas, muy bien compuestas y ejecutadas.

It was the second review they made to us the first one was 2 or 3 years before, when the band was called Infernal and the feeling was good. The faults were that the lyrics seemed to be quite likely to those about "dungeons and dragons" They were very late but they finally published our review we send our demo in February It was the first review we take and we payed a lot of attention to those words. Maybe they gave us the aim to go ahead Metal Hammer Magazine - June - Horizontes.

By Joan Singla.

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By Volumenbrutal. Check it although it is written in Spanish: By Mariano Palomo. Metal Integral Fanzine - June - Quintaesencia. Magazine Spanish edition - May - Quintaesencia.

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By Juan Destroyer. By Raskal. Rock Hard Magazine Spanish ed.

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Spanish ed. By Guillermo Segura. Rock Hard magazine Spanish ed.

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Best of all is that, this time, they gave a better score than then maybe they knew us Heavy Rock magazine Spanish ed. Rock Hard Spanish ed.

Uno tiene que entender que mi madre era creyente mucho antes que yo. Mis dos padres eran profundamente religiosos. Era la hora de almuerzo. Era cruel y agresivo. Esta era mi vida.

Bon Scott: Camino del Infierno: Vida y Muerte de La Primera Voz de AC/DC (Memorias)

El intermitente resplandor amarillo y anaranjado de las velas alumbraba el oscuro templo mientras la gente deambulaba alrededor, algunos orando, otros simplemente aceptando impactados la magnificencia de la estructura. La quietud era casi surrealista comparada con la ruidosa ciudad afuera. Yo estaba paralizada. La experiencia era emocionante. About The Author.

Moments by Andrea Photography.

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