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Most carnivores are predators. When hungry, a predator will prefer an easy meal. They'll first go for meals or food types within their diet. They may go for a downed or dead animal or a human corpse.

But when a hungry predator has no other food nearby, they will hunt, kill and consume almost any animal smaller than them, including your tamed animals or even your colonists. This can especially be a problem on maps with little wildlife, like on Ice sheets when a polar bear wanders in. Still, predators tend to choose more vulnerable and weaker animals, and wisely avoid boomrats and boomalopes.

Their attacks usually stun their prey, leaving them unable to fight back or flee. A predator will focus all their attacks on their downed prey, so if they do down your colonists or livestock and you have a colonist nearby, then direct them to Rescue that downed pawn.

'A Frankenstein monster': Why the Labradoodle creator regrets breeding the dogs

It could mean the difference between life and death. Animals will give out body heat, slightly heating up their surroundings. This is insignificant most of the time, but in enclosed barns with many animals packed, the heat can quickly become a problem. Female animals that give live birth become pregnant when a male animal approaches them and mates. Only tamed animals may breed. An animal's gestation period specifies how long a female's pregnancy will last. A pregnant animal suffering malnutrition or is injured may miscarry.

Miscarriages are noted by an in-game message. Some animals will give birth to multiple young. The probability of this is determined by a curve, and is different for each animal. Animals can breed with their own family members without penalty, even for repeated generational incest. Females become fertilized after mating with males, causing them to lay fertilized eggs. Most animals will not lay unfertilized eggs, with the exception of chickens. This status is halted when safe temperate is restored, but it is not reset - if the temperature is unsafe again, it will pick up where it left off.

A ruined egg still has full nutritional value and can be used to make a meal or eaten raw, with a mood debuff. While most carnivorous animals can eat raw meat, corpses, kibble, and meals, Wargs can only eat raw meat and corpses. All strictly herbivorous animals and some omnivorous animals notably pigs and boars can eat live plants except trees and haygrass. Dendrovorous animals such as the alphabeaver and the thrumbo can eat trees, in addition to other plant-based foods.

Because all animals except wargs can eat meals, kibble , and pemmican , it is possible to feed meat to herbivores or plants to carnivores if it is prepared first. Animals have the same set-up as humans when it comes to health, minus the ability to operate on them except euthanasia The option to amputate an infected limb can become available once infection sets in, at least on Thrumbos—assuming other animals as well. They feel pain, and have all of the different health stats that human pawns possess.

Needs to have an animal bed or sleeping spot to be healed.

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Like humans, they have a life expectancy, and are affected by chronic diseases. There is no way to cure them in the base game other than Healer mech serum , which would be incredibly expensive. Wild animals may be marked for hunting, done by hunters with ranged weapons, who will proceed to shoot them at maximum range, before executing them with a neck cut when they are downed except explosive animals.

After killing their target, they will haul the carcass to a stockpile zone even if they are naturally incapable of hauling, but will not start hauling it again if they're interrupted. Animals harmed by hunting that were not killed yet may become enraged and if its a pack type, its full horde may turn hostile against the entire colony.

Video Shows Ants Mating with Dying, Half-Eaten Queen | Live Science

If they are non-aggressive animals they usually flee instead. Hunting may take longer during bad weather since there's a shooting modifier while it's raining or snowing that makes it more likely for shots to miss. Animals all have three different life stages. Animals have different graphics for different life stages, or may simply appear smaller. Animals start out as babies and their age is listed as minutes, hours, or months.

Some animals have a specific name for this stage e. They then move on to juveniles teenagers. Eventually, they reach the final life stage, adulthood. In the stages before adulthood, animals have lower stats body size, health scale, mass, carrying capacity, move speed, hunger rate, meat amount, leather amount, market value that normalize when they reach adulthood. Animals have different sounds call, anger, wounded, death for different life stages. Babies may simply make a higher pitched sound, or have a different sound altogether such as chicks. Depending on the species, animals will need to reach the juvenile or adult stage before they can reproduce.

Food: Animals will eat any available food according to their diet. Herbivorous animals of the colony can be left to eat grass on their own. Note that animals require different amounts of food compared to humans, as represented by their Hunger Rate. Rest: Animals will sleep as needed. Tamed animals will sleep in animal sleeping spots , animal sleeping boxes , or animal beds.

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If none of which are available, the animal will crash out on the ground inside its allowed zone. A tamed animal will not sleep as long as its master is drafted. Biting seems to be a component of combat in captive males that is less likely in free-ranging Gilas. The timing of successful copulation is related to the body temperature after emergence from winter cooling. If animals are kept with a consistent body temperature of 30 C 86 F from the end of winter cooling, they will typically mate in weeks. In the wild, mating occurs later than it typically does in captivity.

In my captive group, I mimic the temperatures of wild Gilas and mating occurs in my animals during the same time that it typically occurs in the wild. A single male can mate with multiple females. However, I strongly recommend an even ratio of males to females in a breeding colony.

A one-to-one gender ratio will great aid breeding efforts. Once a female is gravid, she should be separated from her cage-mates if she is not already alone. This will prevent unnecessary stress to her and will prevent cage-mates from eating her eggs. Keep scrolling for more. Learn More about mate. Resources for mate Time Traveler!

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