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Create a design and press knit. A compact digital knitting machine to bring fashion fabrication back to your neighborhood. Pre-Order Here. Last updated October 31, Share this project. You'll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content. Support Select this reward.

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Estimated delivery May Kickstarter is not a store. It's a way to bring creative projects to life. Learn more about accountability. Select this reward. Estimated delivery Sep Ships to Anywhere in the world. Shipping destination.

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Shipping paid separately. Read FAQ for more details. Estimated delivery Aug Ships to Only certain countries. With audio, you can offer a temporary free sample to entice and increase your audience.

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Online courses, especially video courses, can provide a good resource for people and help them digest the information. They can also complete them at their own pace. If you need help jump-starting your own ECommerce site, sign up now for our flagship training program. You can sell an online course on any topic as long as it provides value and teaches something useful to your audience.

Add value, and then ask from your audience to consider buying your information products.

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Another way to make money selling your digital products online is through marketing your graphic design services. Graphic design elements can be anything you create including fonts, textures, illustrations, logos, and more. You can create great graphic designs i. Having visuals mixed in with your text and audio is significantly more engaging and will help you keep a steady income flow.

You can sell your photos individually or make them a part of a subscription-based bundle in order to retain customers. Although Unsplash offers their images for free, there are many sites that require users to pay a fee to download the images on their site. Nevertheless, with millions of people visiting the website every month, sites like Unsplash are great to get exposure for your work. Find a digital goods marketplace, just for high-quality images and start selling your photos there. If you have a software idea to solve a consumer need, now is the time to enter the industry of digital products.

SaaS companies often offer a free trial or freemium period to increase the adoption of their product. According to invespcro. By selling productized services, you are selling your time in exchange for a specific outcome or result. Offering a free consultation, as Publiciz does, or trial period of your product is a great way to bring in new users and have the opportunity to convert them into paying customers. If you love fitness, nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle, plus always find yourself giving workout advice to your friends, this could be a great way to make money from the things you are already doing day to day.

These products can be marketed in a variety of ways such as videos, social media content, blogs and more. Many companies sell products that complement each other such as pre-workout drinks with workout videos or nutrition plans with meal-prep ideas. This could be a way to add a digital aspect to a physical product you already sell or a way to make additional revenue with several digital products.

We are in a time with rapidly evolving technology and several different generations trying to master it. You can monetize the information you already know by sharing it with people who may not know as much about a topic as you do. If you are exceedingly knowledgeable in a certain topic, most likely there are people out there that want to learn what you know. Lending your time and expertise to people is a great way to start selling on the internet and keep revenue coming in for you.

Pro Tip: To discover what niches are hot right now, you can visit websites that offer online courses like Udemy and search for popular courses. You can tailor your reports to the individual client and specify the areas of improvement and how their website or marketing campaign can be more successful in the future. Sometimes having an outside perspective is what businesses need to succeed since you are evaluating it objectively.

They provide feedback on domain data, page load time, broken links, SSL certification information and more. Or they can be more like a resume or proposal templates to help give a consistent structure and help the client save time. Package all that content into a manuscript and provide it as an additional resource to help someone else in the same industry.

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Monetizing your knowledge into digital products can be successful for both you and the consumer. A great example comes from Moosend—an Email marketing tool—with these beautiful newsletter templates:. Nowadays, you can sell literally any template, assuming it is of high-quality and it adds value to your visitors or customers. Virtual summits might be more time consuming than the other ways to sell products online we have listed but the reward can be exceptionally valuable.

You can plan for speakers that are knowledgeable in their field to speak virtually to people all across the globe. You can also provide supporting documents, like text or videos, to accompany your online event and make it more dynamic than just a speaker. They help you maximize your earning potential while providing resources you can implement for your own virtual summit.

The internet is constantly evolving and people are coming up with numerous ways to make things simpler or more efficient. You can create a plugin or application for e-Commerce, entertainment, tool integration, language support, and many other types that can provide a service to others. Tickets are one of the best products to sell online in because Google Trends is showing tickets as a consistent popular search term for the past twelve months, with no signs of slowing down.

Tickets can be used for physical events like concerts, conferences and museums, but they can also be for web-based events like seminars, classes, online conferences, or any other event.

How to pick the right category of digital product ideas that *you* can sell

They even have payment processing through the website and an app designed to help creators run their event from their mobile device. By providing data on each event and tickets sales you can easily monitor the success of your event and marketing strategies. This might be more time consuming than other digital products because you have to constantly come up with new content to justify charging a monthly fee, but there are resources out there that can assist with this.

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Podia makes it incredibly simple to start selling your products or services to your online community. They bundle everything together like subscriptions, content hosting and marketing software to help with the complicated components instead of having to go through a checklist on your own. Finding businesses to advertise on your website can be tricky though so you either need a strong sales force who will go out and find these businesses or you can work with an agency.

If consumers feel they are at risk by using your site or do not like how you are processing their data, you will not attract returning users. Printables are digital files that you can upload so users can download empty templates without having to create it themselves. If you are a creative freelancer that enjoys making designs, make printables to have a good source of income.

If you are very fashionable or into beauty products, this can become your online selling business. You can share this information through blogs, videos, or social media content but you could also engage with your customers through video conferences to talk with them about their beauty or fashion and provide personalized tips to them directly. Something to bear in mind: when creating digital products, focus on quality rather than quantity.

Which one of these digital products would you choose for your own business?