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Terrible planning on my part, and I wound up giving most of my life savings to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for the honor of running 26 miles which rocked, oh goodness was that fantastic. Anyway, on account of this I received 1 a limp, 2 much sympathy, 3 enormous debt, 4 a professional masseuse at a Soho Spa by a Russian named Igor, and 5 dinner cooked by a Celebrity Chef. I have nine dollars right now. Like right now. Still shopping around the novel and short stories.

Got a few encouraging letters but so far no buys. He lives in San Francisco, where he recently attended a reading at a sex club, Eros, where a gentleman wearing only a white towel sang erotic songs about truckers. I have found that the second year in Gainesville looks strikingly like the first.

As a new but old poet, the recent months have been promising if not necessaarily profitable. I was saved from brutality and rape by the MFA After I was booked, jail officials put me in the general population. Language served plot rather than vice-versa. I told a story about a man who broke out of jail by slowing his own heartbeat and convincing the nurse he was dying.

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An inmate croaked for me to shut up. I quieted down a notch. The plot thing was working. Three inmates were listening, three very pathetic men. A man punched me from behind. Rumors: A reliable source spotted a Bachelderlike man spanking an Antonlike man at a fetish party in Denver, Colorado. Both likemen were performing on stage at the nightclub, wearing leather briefs and fishnets with garters.

He was soon thrown out of the club. Photography and non-fiction have completely supplanted poetry for many reasons, not the least of which is that these endeavors involve five-star hotels, backstage passes, and foriegn currencies. Who knew? Paul Reyes and William Bowers. Before the OA folded, I shot a man-on-the-street-in-New York column called North Poll, wherein I asked the locals wise guys, boxers, Indo-Guyanese immigrants, mermaids, arts patrons goofy questions about southern culture.

Funworld , the monthly magazine of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, sent me to India to write three articles about the amusement and water parks industry. I have a great shot of a slide adorned with huge blue bust of Shiva with water spouting out of the side of his head.

I go to India as often as I can twice last year and contribute to the immigrant press in the U. If I do write about poetry, I take up Indian concerns. I live in Washington, D. I saw Michael Jordan at my gym last spring.

People should come visit. I continue to serve as fiction editor, event co-coordinator, and house shadow for the independent multidisciplinary journal Bridge.

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He keeps me busy doing obscure research and drafting memoranda and opinions on such titillating topics as statutory construction and equity jurisprudence. Padgett Powell. He took an honorary doctorate at the College of Charleston, accompanied by Bessie Gantt, before the triplets had been thought of. Advent , by YO!

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Could this be a trend? American writers will be sent to military bases to speak about the craft of writing to returning veterans of Iraqi Freedom. After two years of teaching composition at City College of San Francisco, I am now directing the Writing Lab, which means slightly fewer papers to grade and slightly more time to write poems.

Oh, the sacrifices I make for the children who are our future! The second time I planned to achieve a delicious meta-moment by watching said Michael Moore movie inside the belly of the very beast it exposes. But it was not to be, so I settled for walking round and round and round the labyrinth of original-issue team-branded sweats, exotic fishing lures, cutting-edge fudge flavors, psychedelic animal toys, and minions of overweight gawkers.

This summer I walked up the highest peak in Central America, an active volcano in central Guatemala from which you can see two oceans, as many countries, and a mass of clouds that looks uncannily like Niagara Falls. Recently I girded my loins and dispatched several dozens of poetry manuscripts to various respectable journals. More and more, however, I find myself slumming in fiction and essays.

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Teaching is a splendid gig in every sense except the ineffable one which allows the muse to strut her stuff. Dale Young was the Stanley P. Young Fellow in Poetry at Bread Loaf in the summer of She forgets the title, but the publisher is Talisman Press. So far, I love it! I just landed a job at Little, Brown, working in the publicity department, which I am very excited about. I am still writing, slowly but surely, and making contacts, etc. One of these days I will have a fiction book. If you pass through, let me know!

I have been maintaining properties and teaching English this past year, to the betterment of most. In March I bought an old house, to which I have made many improvements; Brenda Sieczkowski has visited it not once but twice, on both to and fro legs of her Little Rock journey, and she can attest to my accomplishments in the area of cat-pee stench removal. I thought I saw Gordon Thompson in a shopping-mall jewelry store with a diamond-encrusted beard, but it turned out to be merely a hope-stoked mirage followed by a mild fugue of disappointment.

Thanks a lot, Gordon. We are also at capacity and near capacity in MFA candidates: 18 in fiction, 16 in poetry. Poch and Wiman will read from their work Friday, April 8. Agent Deborah Grosvenor visited in November Russ Schneider MA, is enjoying a most respectable posthumous career. Before his death in , he wrote six books. The first four of these were self-published or distributed nationally on a small scale.

All the books but this last concern, in fiction and non-fiction, Russo-German fighting. We lament his passing. Paul Reyes MFA, has managed to survive the latest aestivation and is still the senior editor. Its tenacity, indeed its pertinacity, must be saluted. Plans are continuing apace for our summer residency at Greenwood Plantation in Thomasville, Georgia.

MFA FLA students and graduates will have a free room on the acre plantation in which to live and write. The kennel, which once housed the Whitney bird dogs, has been selected for the party room, and a fire pit is in design. The Festival in particular would not have been what it has been without their contributions. Please have a look at the new web pages. We have prettified the scene with photos by John Moran and are on the lookout for photos of comparable quality that might be had for free send them to us. We have bolstered the distinguished-graduate page by including graduates who have held or hold important positions in publishing or in the academy or at writing colonies; previously this page was restricted to graduates who had published books in their MFA-thesis field.

We have added a small history of the program prior to by former faculty member Lawrence Hetrick. Below are testimonials of MFA FLA graduates, current students, and faculty chronicling their literary endeavors in They are as the writer has sent them, with only certain systemic changes incurred in reformatting them to the web. Taken together, and with those in the preceding Newsletters, they constitute the industry and the history and the value of our writing program.

Since I last wrote, a few things in life have changed.

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I got to hang out with William, which I enjoyed immensely. Of course I like it that way and would go insane with boredom were it otherwise. The boys are in 1st grade and 3rd grade — yikes, how did that happen? I teach writing and literature at Colorado College. I live with my poet wife and two dogs in a nice old house in Colorado Springs. If we want to use the microwave, we have to turn off every downstairs light and appliance, or else we blow a fuse. That sound we hear late at night is the meth labs exploding.

Book by me still coming from Harcourt early I spoke thrice at the Arkansas Literacy Festival. She also survived colon cancer this year. Technology focusing on issues in Asia

But bigger than any of that is my wife: we have begun translating ourselves, and the arrival of our new issue is imminent. The next newsletter will contain my summa on diapers. Dee in the fall of I am well though still no publications. I still live in Brooklyn and commute out to New Rochelle three days a week for my teaching job at Iona College.

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And I was married last month, up in Bowdoinham, Maine. Megan Keller was my witness. Thanks to the subdued generosity of Ms. Any and all who make it to Montana this summer will be invited to row while I fish.

I am in Belgium on a Fulbright fellowship, giving a bunch of scholarly talks and teaching seminars on American literature. I wrote and directed a very low-budget film shot around Gainesville that premiered at the Hippodrome; a distributor has expressed interest, promising a profit after we sell the first A short story won honorable mention in the 18th New Millennium Writings contest.