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Nice slide guitar from Whitney.

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Streetwalker as a funk band Not bad, but hardly memorable. Pretty song that even made you forget about Chapman's voice. No changes to the track listing.

Streetwalkers - Red Card 1976 (full album)

So guess which direction The Streetwalkers' career was heading when this one came out By the time 19 77's " Vicious but Fair " was release d Streetwalker had undergone yet another round of personnel changes. Having already soldiered on through three studio sets and a pair of live efforts, given their universal lack of success in the States, this set made it clear that they were running out of creative steam and energy. As usual, Roger Chapman's hoarse and craggy voice remained instantly recognizable if very much an acquired taste.

Similarly, the band's now-patented mix of hard rock and English blues moves was competent, though seldom particularly original, or exciting.

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Red Card Album 13 versions. Vicious But Fair Album 10 versions.

Live Album 2 versions. Windsong International. Streetwalkers , Roger Chapman , Charley Whitney. Mystic Records 3. Repertoire Records. Daddy Rolling Stone Single 2 versions.


The Best Of Comp 2 versions. Retrieved 27 May Guinness World Records Limited.

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Blues rock , hard rock. The mixture of rockers and ballads was not Family; yet there was added depth to the music, stemming from the evolved songwriting and from the involvement of so many musicians. The album's most stunning moments, "Parisienne High Heels" and "Hangman" are brooding and hair raising in their energy and dark themes.

Best of Streetwalkers.