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Aka Ryuu Chronicles

It being impossible to stay, the astronauts decide to abandon the Overly powerful, they are bored of fighting and desperate to know what it feels lik June Kirito has been offered a part-time job with Rath, a private company that researches and innovates technology. High school senior Touma lives in a world where supernatural abilities are possible.

The last year saw major changes for certain parties in Earth Land. First, fueled by the tragic death of his foster father Igneel and the constant battles against the Dark Guild Tartaros, Natsu left to travel the lands with Happy, a renewed determination to become even more powerf Gridman is a mecha, sci-fi, kaiju, action anime centered around Yuta Hibiki who awakes with amnesia with the ability to see things others cannot. Ryuichi Naruhodo Phoenix Wright has fulfilled a childhood dream of becoming a defence lawyer helping to protect the innocent and vulnerable, but when he takes on his first court case under the guidance of his mentor Chihiro Ayasato, Ryuichi realizes that the law is not always s A young priestess joins her first adventuring party but quickly gets into trouble when their first goblin-related contract goes about as wrong as it could possibly go.

With the rest of her party slain, the priestess is rescued by the mysterious figure of the Goblin Slayer - a wan Kohane Hatoya is a cheerful girl who loves to help people. Her world changed right before her middle school graduation when she fell in love with a cheerleading squad supporting baseball teams at the river. Kohane was determined to join the high school cheerleading club but was d Seventeen-year-old Hitomi, a descendant of mages, lives in Nagasaki where a small amount of magic remains. Hitomi lost her sense of color at a young age and grew up lacking emotion. Her grandmother Kohaku, a great mage, sends her to the past, year , where she can intensely se The love which dare not speak its name!

Prestigious boarding school Dahlia is situated on an isolated island and is home to students from two feuding nations - the eastern Nation of Touwa, and the Principality of West. Alas, Romio Inuzuka, the leader of the first-year students fr Natsunosuke Bonda is 26 and in his eighth year as a professional left-handed pitcher for the Jingu Spiders. He currently makes 18 million yen a year but is not considered a top-rank player. Knowing that baseball is a time-limited career, Bonda is consumed with thoughts of his fut Conception: Ore no Kodomo o Undekure! In fact, his aspirations are grand: to overthrow the head of a powerful mafia called Passione so he can finally help the people of Naples.

Before he can set his sights on the boss, thou When all the fish suddenly disappear from the seas one day leaving only the whales behind, the fisheries ministry sees it as an ideal opportunity to experiment and sets up giant fish tanks in space! A facility opens in Onomichi to train prospective space fishermen and, because of Just like an arrow hitting its target, life is full of partings and meetings. For Minato Narumiya, the flight of an arrow will be the start of everything. Ushio Hinomaru has a dream.

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He wants to become a sumo wrestler. Ever since he was little, Makoto has possessed a strange ability - he can read the memories of the objects he has touched. Keeping his powers a secret, Makoto now works as a special agent with the police force. Tsubame has taken quite a fa In the year , the Earth Union receives the Fourth Contact from the grandma planet, prompting a rebellion and a never-ending war.

In order to break the deadlock, a gallant young man steps onto the battlefield. His name is Subaru Ichinose - a handsome, dashing young soldier and Average in every way possible, Yu has never been much good to anyone…until his younger sister Suzuka comes to him with a request that even he can handle: become the pseudo-author of her newly serialized light novel series! Kansei University student Haiji has hopes and dreams. However, Haiji is in h Depressed year-old salaryman Satoru Mikami lives alone and has never had a girlfriend.

Now called Rimuru, he does his best to adjus Ordinary schoolgirl Akari Amano is rescued by vampire Sophie Twilight while lost in the woods and takes a liking to her straight away.

e-book The Hinomoto Rebellion (The Aka Ryuu Chronicles Book 1)

Although Sophie is a vampire, she doe During the Hundred Years War, Montmorency, the son of a nobleman, immerses himself in the study of magic and alchemy at a school for knights in Paris alongside Richemont, Charlotte, and Philip. However, after the French lose at the Battle of Agincourt, his fate takes a drastic tu Fallen Angel Mullin has just landed his dream job working with the queen of Pandemonium, Beelzebub.

As Mullin gets closer to Beelze Momo Minamoto was just a regular high school girl in Sorasaki, but her everyday life is changed forever when she is scouted by private intelligence agency Tsukikage. Tsukikage is an international spy organization which works in the interests of justice to protect peace. Taking a Luckily, he runs into Narumi Kato who decides to help him. Meanwhile, Masaru is also being followed by au Unable to reply, Yuu takes her confusion with her to high school where she meets stude The holy sword Excalibur decides the king of the Britons.

A young man called Arthur was able to retrieve the sword and with it obtained great power. Unleashing such great power led to an abundance of legends and a gradua Tomari has his doubts but signs the marriage registration form and starts living with his new s In October , the Radio Research Club girls are due to undergo a local ritual. For the last two years, aspiring AI idols Kilin and Xi have been patiently honing their song and dance skills as well as upping their fashion sense.

While they A shared residence occupied by five young women and their talking cat, they all just want what everyone else their age wants: to become super popular! The history and unforgettable characters of Sengoku Basara are placed in a modern Japanese high school for Gakuen Basara! The territorial wars are replaced by club conflicts and fights over becoming student council president. Prepare yourself for a modern and fun Basara spin-off! Kurumi Azuchimomoyama is a totally normal year-old girl who goes to Egaogaoka Middle School.

However, together with his colleague Nathan, Derrida discovers a huge fault with his invention and attempts to inform his superiors, but they Alongside the reconstruction, Earth has also strengthened its defence capabilities, Chitose-chan, a baby penguin, takes life day by day as it wanders around Kyoto. From meeting all sorts of interesting humans, to eating yummy foods, traveling alongside this curious little penguin will leave you feeling all warm and refreshed. Among the Cocotama there is a Nemeses have fallen from the skies and overrun the world.

Those who came into contact with these monsters either died or became a part of a lucky group of survivors, and of these survivors is Seth. These survivors are able to wield magic as wizards and witches, and Seth dedicates From ramen, to drinks, to candy, the Bakutsuri Bar Rod reve In the city of Lisvalletta where twin suns rise, citizens live their peaceful lives in the shadow of crime and drug abuse.

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A dangerous and highly lethal drug, Anthem, has begun to take hold in the city and the Seven-O Special Crime Investigation Unit has been founded to stop it. Even among these shinobi are those who In a world in which humans and monsters coexist, a young boy named Yu wakes up a mysterious girl, Merc, who is trapped inside a bottle. As Merc has lost all her memories, Yu decides to travel with her and help her find out who she really is. There is a treasure from ancient times called Taiichinowa, which can manipulate space-time.

The saga begins in this mass Hu Li is a talented ghost singer and songwriter with a large scar on his face. Naral Island is a continent of swords and magic in which humans coexist with monsters. It is the home of the dreaded Demon King. Long ago, the first heroes appeared on Naral Island and defeated the Demon King. But since then, through generation after generation, the Demon King ha The original anime Kemurikusa is being directed by Tatsuki at studio Yaoyorozu with Yuko Shiromizu and Yoshihisa Isa handling the art direction and animation direction respectively, while Yoshitada Fukuhara is producing the animation.

The anime will premiere in Japan on BS Fuji, In an undisclosed city of modern Japan, a handful of female high school students from Shinyo Academy are mysteriously vanishing without a trace. The Rising of the Shield Hero follows Naofumi Iwatani, a 20 year-old university student who was whisked away to a fantasy game-like realm of monsters and magic after discovering a book about Four Heroes.

Iwatani is chosen as one of these four and given the mantle of the Shield He Endowed with fighting power that vastly outperforms any existing aircraft, nations soon find themselves taking heavy damage. In a desolate expanse of wasteland, people survive by cooperating and trading goods and supplies. The Kotobuki Squadron make a living as bodyguards for hire.

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Led by a strict yet beautiful squad leader, an unreliable commanding officer, and a truly skilled maintenance chief, the s Second-year high school student Fuutaro Uesugi gets excellent grades but comes from a poor family. One day, he meets transfer student Itsuki Nakano who asks him to help her study. However, he refuses and is met with her wrath and anger.

Shortly thereafter, Fuutaro hears from his Yoko is the daughter of Koji Amami, the free-spirited owner of the cafe Rainy Color. When her dad takes an impromptu trip overseas to Hawaii, she finds herself stuck managing the cafe in his stead. So begi Natsuo aspires to become a writer and spends his free time writing.

He is also hopelessly in love with his cheerful and popular high school English teacher Hina. Not able to act on his Hikari Tsutsui was a socially awkward third-year high school otaku who kept his distance from others.

The unlikely couple start dating and face a number of obstacles to their romantic relationship but some They live completely happy and fulfilled thanks to the kindness of their caretaker, Mama Isabella. Three of the brightest kids at the orphanage are Norman, Emma, and Ray.

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The Shibuya Drift - a mysterious phenomenon where central Shibuya rises up and is transported at least years into the future. Unfortunately for second-year high school student Daisuke Dojima and his friends Gai, Lu, Marin, and Keisuke, they get caught up in the incident and f Miyuki is the top student at his school and is even well-known nationally, and Kaguya is the daughter of a wealthy conglomerate and equally as intelligent. Together they run the student council at Shuchiin Academy. They seem like the perfect couple.

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The only problem is that each Anne is the princess of the Mysteria Kingdom, and Grea is a princess who is half-dragon and half-human. Miyako is a student in college.

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  • She wants to somehow become friends with Hana, but her shy, awkward behavior makes Hana uneasy. The Usagi Koya Honpo is one of the few remaining otaku shops. Together with a group of talented otaku girls, the manager of the store fights the virus infecti BanG Dream! The boys are back! B-Project: Zeccho Emotion picks up where the first season leaves off.

    The anime starts with a performance to celebrate the new year. When it looked like all hope was lost, fairie Mob Psycho follows the life of Shigeo Kageyama AKA Mob, a seemingly mundane eighth grader who also happens to be an ultra-powerful psychic. In the first season of the series, Mob meets his mentor, Arataka Reigen.

    Regular high school boy Hanae Ashiya has a problem. In order to get rid of it, he enlists the help of an exorcist who also operates the Mononokean tea room. The morose man behind the counter, Haruitsuki Abeno, agree Everyone is given a book when they are born and must live their life exactly in accordance with what has been written within it. However, Ekusu was born with a book in which all the pages were blank.

    Meeting up with the similarly burdened Reina, Tao, and Shane, Ekusu sets out on In the near future, an advanced AR technology known as Mixed Reality System has become widespread and introduced to the world a new sport. Circlet Bout is particularly popular with high school girls with successful players achieving nationwide fame. Yuka Sasaki has just transferr Following a series of grisly murders, he finds himself teaming up with Sarah Sinclair, a lawyer who witnesses her boss suddenly drop dead while Five high school boys are taking remedial classes when suddenly they are sent across dimensions into an anime world.

    Now they must cross between the anime world and real life in order to stop a god of destruction from conquering the 3D world. Born to a daimyo father named Kagemitsu Daigo who made a pact with 48 demons in order to rule the world, Hyakkimaru was born malformed and limbless, lacking 48 body parts, and was abandoned in a river. Now grown up, Hyakkimaru has obtained fake body parts and travels together wit Meiji Tokyo Renka is about a modern day high school girl named Mei Ayazuki who time-slips back into the Meiji period of Tokyo and loses all memory of her present self.

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    • There, she meets several famous ikemen from history. All of these ikemen court her and compete for her affection Shy novelist Subaru Mikazuki has no luck with people but begins to open up when he decides to adopt a stray cat he names Haru and starts writing the story of their life together from each of their perspectives.