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There is no account of what happened to him afterwards and no record of him ever returning to his homeland.

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According to Cassius Dio in Roman History, after his pardon he remarked how such a beautiful city should be in control of his poor land. Classical writers like Cassius Dio and Tacitus have left us with a lasting impression of Caractacus. He was described as brave, obsessively opposed to Rome and boldly articulate in the face of his own death. Caractacus is seen by many as a folk hero and his enduring legacy is that he was one of the most celebrated freedom fighters of his age.

Featured image: Caractacus: The Indomitable Celt prisonersofeternity. September 16, Accessed May 4, Higgins, Charlotte. Howell, Ray. March 22, Johnson, Ben.

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He has traveled Read More. The Tribe was split, and only the Northern half of the Dobunni gave way to Roman control.

The Southern Dobunni fought hard, continuing to rebel right up to the arrival of Ostorious Scapula. So where is he buried? Hope man that character just blend in with, So Many other, ordinary graves. One of my favourite characters from my favourite time period — thank you for the article and for giving him more attention! Ancient Origins has been quoted by:. By bringing together top experts and authors, this archaeology website explores lost civilizations, examines sacred writings, tours ancient places, investigates ancient discoveries and questions mysterious happenings.

Our open community is dedicated to digging into the origins of our species on planet earth, and question wherever the discoveries might take us.

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Xlibris Corporation Books. How Fishpond Works. The official motto of Morocco reads "Allah, the Country, the King". L7a9ed, however, substituted the word "Freedom" to "King" -- a symbolic attack on the Kingdom, which he describes as a system of absolute power that has been ruling Morocco for the last four centuries, and based on royal notables, businessmen, wealthy landowners, tribal leaders, top-ranking military personnel and so on.

Although his music does not appear to be particularly inspired, his critical message has a strong impact on the younger generation, especially as they see the events around them in the Middle East. As a result, L7a9ed's songs have become the anthem of the Moroccan protests.

Although Moroccan authorities were very disturbed by the young rapper's attack on the monarchy, as he was not violating any law, they could not act directly against him. However, An incident, however, was created or occurred, and the young rapper has ended up in prison. According to the reconstruction made by the liberal Moroccan magazine Tel Quel , everything started on the night of September 9, , when L7a9ed and some of his friends were distributing leaflets calling for a rally of the M20 group, an oppositional pro-democracy movement. At a certain point, L7a9ed and his friends were verbally attacked by a man who started shouting that L7a9ed was "the traitor.

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Nevertheless, a complaint was filed against the young rapper for allegedly hitting on head the man who had been insulting him. L7a9ed was then summoned by telephone to the police. Once at the police station, the rapper was not interrogated about the alleged violence, but about his political activities: "They were talking about my activities in my neighborhood," he said.

After a few hours of questioning, the interrogator finally came to the real point: "You can sing whatever you want," he apparently said, " but do not mention the King. The following day, he was questioned shortly by the public prosecutor and later on he was taken to the hospital to check his version.

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Consequently, after a prolongation of the police custody period, L7a9ed was officially admitted into the state prison. Human rights organizations assesses that the arrest was political.

To Defy A King

The M20 movement organized demonstrations in front of security headquarters in Casablanca; supporting the rap demonstrations could have destabilized the monarchy. Today, Morocco has a new constitution. The king, however, still retains powers that go beyond what normally happens in parliamentarian monarchies.