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Popular on IndieWire. Hall in his finest role channeling his serial killer urges to exact vigilante justice on other serial killers was just bloody brilliant and gave viewers at home a thrill to root for the guy with the knife. While he attempted having a normal life with a woman by his side and a son, the urges would always come back and draw him inexorably into the sphere of the most depraved. From case to case, killer to killer, the show made good on our fascination with blood and Dexter necessarily hoodwinking his fellow friends and cops.

But it was his relationship with his detective sister Debra that gave the show heart and real stakes.

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While the later seasons went a little off the deep end, no one can dispute the excellence of the first few seasons, especially the year that John Lithgow dropped by for a truly chilling season-long arc. Yankee : A Texas man migrates to Mexico to become a drug lord in this Netflix original. Baki: Part 2 : Biscuit Oliva must nab some escaped inmates in Tokyo this time in this original anime series installment.

Ingress: The Animation : This anime series centers on a fight for power as scientists discover a way to influence human minds. Knock Down the House : This documentary explores the grassroots congressional campaigns of four freshman congresswomen, including Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez.

May 1. All in My Family : This documentary features a Chinese man whose family struggles to come to terms to terms with his sexuality. May 3. Dead to Me Season 1 : Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini star as two women grieving sort of the loss of their significant others in this dark comedy series. Lucifer Season 4: After being canceled at Fox, this devilish drama has been resurrected at Netflix. The new season picks up where Season 3 left off, with Lucifer's Tom Ellis devil face exposed, as the "original sinner" Eve returns.

May 8.

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May The Society Season 1 : Netflix's best YA drama yet , this thriller series centers on a group of teens who've been transported to a facsimile of their town with no access to the outside world, and all the adults and younger children have disappeared — along with the rules. Wine Country : A group of friends — Amy Poehler , Tina Fey , Maya Rudolph , and more — take a road trip to wine country to celebrate a birthday, and things unravel.

Malibu Rescue : This surf-side teen film will center on a group of lifeguards competing with the cool kids for bragging rights on Malibu Beach. The Rain Season 2: The second season of this dystopian foreign language thriller picks up where the first season left off with Simone and an infected Rasmus on the run. See You Yesterday : This Spike Lee-produced pic couples sci-fi time travel concepts with cultural divides and will debut at Tribeca Film Festival before it arrives on the stream scene. Season 3: The baking misadventures continue with new episodes devoted to subjects like Marvel's superheroes and cake-o-phobia.

Wanda Sykes: Not Normal : The comedian takes on the current state of politics in this stand-up special. A Tale of Two Kitchens : The nuances of two different chefs' socially impactful kitchens are explored. After Maria : This documentary, which premiered at Tribeca Film Festival, follows three Puerto Rican families in the aftermath of the devastating hurricane.

The Perfection : Richard Shepard directs this thriller about a cello-playing prodigy Allison Williams who seeks out a student at her former school Logan Browning in her pursuit of perfection, and things get twisty. Rim of the World : Directed by McG, this film features a quartet of camp kids who have to really learn some survival skills in the wake of an alien invasion. Historical Roasts : We've seen current famous figures roasted on Comedy Central, but here Jeff Ross and his celebrity guests lampoon some historical figures, including Abraham Lincoln and Freddie Mercury.

Always Be My Maybe : Ali Wong and Randall Park star as childhood friends who reach a crossroads in their relationship in this romantic comedy. When They See Us : Ava DuVernay created, co-wrote, and directed this four-part series about the Central Park Five, a group of teens who were blamed for a rape they didn't commit in New York and weren't exonerated until Arthdal Chronicles Season 1: This series centers on the birth of civilization in the ancient city of Arthdal. June 1. Oh, Ramona!

Malibu Rescue: The Series Season 1 : Following the events of the film, the kids of Malibu Rescue will continue to enjoy the sand and sun in this eight-episode series. June 3. Miranda Sings Live June 4. Black Mirror Season 5: If Bandersnatch wasn't enough to quench your thirst for dystopian sci-fi, this three-part fifth season of the anthology features more optimistic episodes, although no more interactive ones. June 5. June 7. The Black Godfather : This documentary presents the mysterious music mogul Clarence Avant, who has defied many odds and remained in the shadows of those whose careers he has elevated.

Designated Survivor Season 3: The political thriller, previously canceled at ABC, debuts all-new episodes at its new streaming home.

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I Am Mother : This sci-fi thriller follows a teen girl who is raised by a robot but learns that the world is not what she thinks it is. Pachamama : This celebrated family film is about a boy who goes on a mission to rescue a sacred statue stolen from his homeland.

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Jo Koy: Comin' in Hot : The comedian, who hails from Hawaii, tackles subjects like culture and fatherhood. June The 3rd Eye 2 : This horror film hails from an orphanage where one teen begins to hear strange noises in the walls. Jessica Jones Season 3 : The third and final installment to the Marvel heroine's journey finally arrives. Awake: The Million Dollar Game : After 24 hours of no sleep, contestants are put to the test for a chance to win big.

Murder Mystery : Starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston , this whodunnit film features a couple who have been implicated in a billionaire's murder. Trinkets : A grieving teen ends up making friends in Shoplifters Anonymous. Beats : This ode to the music of Chicago's South Side centers on a teen prodigy who forms an unlikely friendship with a security guard. The Edge of Democracy : A harrowing look at one of Brazil's most politically impactful eras. Dark Season 2: This eerie time-hopping drama returns for a second season.

Iglesias Season 1: This forthcoming sitcom features Gabriel Iglesias as a high school teacher who tries to help some gifted misfits. Mike Epps: Only One Mike : The comedian delivers hot takes and raw tales about everything from strip clubs to gang run-ins in this stand-up special. Family Business Season 1: This series presents a man who decides to turn his father's butcher shop into a pot-producing facility after learning that marijuana will be legalized soon.

Answer for Heaven Season 1: A reporter and a fallen angel team up to investigate crimes. Dope Season 3: The docuseries continues to shed light on the war on drugs.

Exhibit A Season 1: This true crime series investigates some of the ways innocent people have been convicted with dubious forensics. Instant Hotel Season 2: Australian homeowners continue to compete over who can provide the best Instant Hotel. Motown Magic Season 2: The kid's animated series continues to celebrate street art and classic Motown music.

Designated Survivor: 60 Days Season 1: This Korean adaptation of the ABC-turned-Netflix political thriller features a politician who is promoted from minister of environment to president after an explosion kills everyone in the cabinet. July 1. July 3.

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Stranger Things Season 3: Netflix's nostalgic sci-fi series takes us all to the Starcourt mall and the Upside Down for its third outing. July 4.

Aziz Ansari: Right Now : The comedian finally addresses the allegations against him in this stand-up special filmed by Spike Jonze. July 9.

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Family Reunion : A Seattle family relocates to the south. July Cities of Last Things : A reverse-chronological film follows a man who takes revenge on those who'd hurt him decades before. Blown Away Season 1: Expert glassblowers compete for the chance to win a prize and a championship for their sculpture creations. Extreme Engagement : An engaged couple travels the world to try out eight different marriage traditions in the span of one year.

Kidnapping Stella : A woman is kidnapped and held for ransom and fights back by trying to undermine her attackers' plans. Point Blank : Anthony Mackie and Frank Grillo star in this film about an ER nurse who is forced to team with a career criminal to help him take down a ring of corrupt cops after his wife and unborn child are kidnapped. Taco Chronicles : Taco lovers, rejoice! This original celebrates the history and cultural varieties of this important treat. True Tunes: Songs : Kiddos who love True and the Rainbow Kingdom will enjoy this sing-along show which puts a modern spin on classic nursery rhymes.

Frankenstein's Monster's Monster, Frankenstein : Stranger Things star David Harbour reveals lost footage from his own father's televised stageplay. Secret Obsession : This film stars Brenda Song as a traumatized woman who remains in danger when she returns to a life she doesn't know.

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Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: New Freshly Brewed : Jerry Seinfeld's caffeine-centered talk show continues as he picks the brains of fellow comedians. The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants Season 3: The fourth-grade fun keeps getting better as the undies-clad superhero adventures continue. Typewriter : A haunted house and book stir up the imaginations of young ghost hunters as they try to protect a family who's moving into a notorious home.

The Great Hack : Dig into the details of how Cambridge Analytica pulled off its operation in the presidential election. Another Life : An astronaut named Niko Breckenridge Katee Sackhoff leads a crew on a mission to explore the origins of an alien artifact but find themselves in immense danger by what they discover. Workin' Moms Season 2: The parents grapple with their now-toddlers and the other life issues that face them.

Girls with Balls : A women's volleyball team play the most dangerous game ever as they're stranded in the woods and surrounded by hunters. The Son : A father-to-be faces an unexpected challenge when his wife isolates the baby from everyone, including him. Sugar Rush Season 2: Teams compete to create the best treats while beating the clock. The comedian's fourth stand-up special takes place in her hometown of Washington, D.

The Letdown Season 2: Audrey and her parents support group continue to face the many challenges of motherhood. The Red Sea Diving Report : This film is based upon a group of international agents in the '80s who used an abandoned resort in the Sudan to smuggle refugees to Israel. Ask the StoryBots Season 3: The brainy kids show returns for another round. Basketball or Nothing : The kids from Chinle High basketball of Arizona's Navajo Nation aim to bring pride to their community by winning a state championship.

Dear White People Season 3: Prepare for year at Winchester University as this satirical series continues to tackle some of the era's most pressing issues. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 3: The animated adventures continue when this celebrated series returns for its third season. Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj Volume 4: This political variety show returns with its first of six new episodes.

Enter the Anime : This documentary features Tania Nolan getting to the root of anime's popularity. Aug 5. No Good Nick Part 2: The family dramedy returns to reveal whether the titular thief will finally be caught in the act of deception.